OpenQRM Enterprise Network Bandwidth Metering

New OpenQRM Enterprise Network Bandwidth Metering Plug-In Now Available
Many companies seek solutions for monitoring their Cloud users network bandwidth usage. This helps keep track of IT spendings and staying within budgets. But actual network and bandwidth metering for bare-metal and virtual machines has always been a complex task.

The perfect solution for your IT infrastructure
Our new "bandwidth" Plug-In for openQRM Enterprise now seamlessly gathers all specific interface and network statistics and presents them in a monthly performance metric. The bandwidth metering support in openQRM Enterprise works agent-less for physical systems and virtual machines and transparently integrates with your existing openQRM Enterprise infrastructure.

Enlarge Bandwidth Metering Stats Screenshot

Bandwidth Metering in the openQRM Enterprise Cloud

The new Bandwidth Plug-In also provides a "network bandwidth" cloud product for the openQRM Enterprise Cloud and now supports cost allocation on behalf of the Cloud users network usage. This enables you to offer IT-Services with exact monitoring of bandwidth & network usage and provide overviews to your system administrators. Simply offer VMs as a Cloud Product and let your internal & external customers directly choose the services they require.

Enlarge Bandwidth Cloud Product Screenshot

openQRM Enterprise also includes a full billing system that lets you and your users keep track of resources and spend. Over 50 Plug-Ins are available for openQRM Enterprise that provide the technology integrations that you require.

With openQRM Enterprise, Sysadmins receive the flexibility and centralized management GUI perfect for IT process management in data center & cloud.

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